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What do we do?

Through a close collaboration with experts, we select quality toys for children and their developmental stage from 2 months up until 3 years of age. Children learn about life while playing, and we believe that play should support children in this development and be without any form of harmful chemistry. Our mission is not only to make life more playful for babies and easier for parents, the world we pass on should also be a greener place.

motorisk stimulering


When selecting toys for our subscription boxes, we evaluate each item based on
these four criteria, to make the best possible experience for you and your child.

Mental stimulering

Your child’s understanding of the world develops. This happens in 10 development leaps where your child learns about everything from patterns to categories.


The CE-label ensures that the toys always live up to legislations about safety and that is does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Motorisk stimulering

This refers to the body and physique of your child. Suddenly he or she is able to crawl around and maybe even walk.


Toys with high playability is interesting for our children for a longer period of time, because it matches the child’s developmental focus right now.

What is the concept about?

Every month you receive a box of 4 toys that match your child’s stage of development. Together with the toys, you also receive a note which informs you about your child’s current development and skills. The note also provides inspiration for fun and cozy games. Currently, the notes are only available in Danish.

Your child can enjoy the toys for a period of 30 days. After the 30 days, you return the toys at the same time as you pick up the new box of toys at your chosen DAO shop.

When you are signing up for a subscription, you have to write your child’s birthday or due date. It is up to you, which date you wish to use. The reason for this is that you have to exchange the toys every month around the date that you registered.

If your child is under 20 months of age, we recommend you to write your due date because of the fact that your child goes through 10 mental leaps within the first 20 months of their life. The note in the box is based on these leaps and provides you with knowledge of your child’s development.

You can choose to buy one or more of the toys. The note will inform you about the membership prices. You will receive an email when we ship you next box. A free returnlabel is attached in this email together with a link to purchase and rate the toys. Please remember to rate the toys every month. We offer you a 150 DKK voucher when you have rated 6 boxes.

The subscription is not binding!

The exchange

The exchanges will always take place at your chosen DAO shop. You will receive a message when the box of toys is ready to be picked up. You hand in your current box when you pick up the new one. This has to be done within a maximum of 2 days after the new box is ready to be picked up. You exchange every month around the birthday or due date that you have registered when signing up.

4 days before the exchange you will receive a return label in an email. You can choose to print out your return label or write the 9-digits e-label code directly on the box with a marker. You will find the code at the bottom right corner of your return label. Always remember to cross out the old label/bar code on the box.

The exchanges of the boxes are always paid for by DearBaby.


Do you want a break in your subscription?

No problem! You can put your subscription on hold for up to 3 months. You have to announce this 14 days before your next exchange date (your child’s birthday or due date).

Do not hesitate to message us in the chat on our website or send an email to info@dearbaby.dk if you have any questions about the concept.

Have fun playing!

Dorthe Klitgaard Thomsen, Founder of DearBaby